Using Google Hangouts on Air for Business Promotional Purposes

For budding entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to expand their online presence, Google Hangouts on air provide the right platform for improving their business presence and can aid in with strong b2b marketing strategies. There are a number of features available in Google Hang outs that provide instant access to a wider audience group for the small business owners. If you learn to use them wisely, you will be able to reach out to and engage with your customers more effectively than your competitors.

Conducting Business meetings through live broadcasting
Using the live broadcasting feature provided as part of the Hang out, business owners can conduct meetings with their associates irrespective of the physical location of the associate. As part of the live broadcasting, business owners can have 10 of their team members as part of the conference call. At the end of the conference call, the conference call video automatically gets saved to the YouTube account of the user who had initiated the conference call through Google hang out. So you don’t have to worry if you missed some point due to a connection problem or an important phone call you had to take in between the conference call.

Launching New Products
One of the main concerns of a budding entrepreneur is to create the required buzz around their new products particularly during the product launch phase. Google hang outs on Air can be used to launch new products to a wider online audience group. Business owners can make presentation on product features and benefits through the live broadcast feature and get the feedback from the audience group. Similar to the meetings, the product launch presentations can also be saved to the user’s YouTube account.

Giving Product Demonstrations
Through the hang out, Business owners launching a particular product can broadcast live demonstration of their launched product and explain the various features that are included in the product. This would really provide greater clarity to the customers with regards to the various features available in the product. The live demonstration would also help in sharing the main benefits provided by the product and the advantages provided by the product over its competing products.

Google Hangouts on Air can also be used for streaming events such as Question and Answer sessions and interviews with industry experts to spread brand awareness about the newly launched product, thus increasing your brand recall in the process.

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