When to Care and When to Let Go of Trees

I lived for many years in an urban area. From my apartment window I got a court-side view of the havoc a city can produce: the never-ending traffic with its car horns and exhaust pipes, the sound of ambulance sirens, the way the entire block would heat up in the summer because of all that asphalt.

In that time I have come to truly appreciate the presence of trees so find the best tree service Fairfax VA has to offer in order to keep your tress in good shape. And really, what’s not to appreciate? They produce clean air and absorb carbon dioxide along with a lot of the pollution, they provide a home for countless species of birds and shade for us while in non-urban areas they keep the ground in place.

Unfortunately, although they provide all these services for us (being aesthetically pleasing, healthy filters), there are times in which trees can do more harm than good. If they aren’t taken care of properly or if they are simply too old, it might be time to call an emergency tree removal service, before a strong wind causes them to land on a car or two, or even worse, a person.

How to take care for Them

Most large trees only need watering for the first two years of their lives. After that period, their roots develop enough for them to sustain themselves and draw their own nutrition from the soil.

We all need haircuts from time to time, otherwise we end up with split ends. This also applies to trees. Their crowns must be subjected to pruning both to favor its growth and also to get those dead branches out of the way. This is best done in the winter season. While you can grab a later and see to it yourself, for the bigger trees it might be best to leave the job to a professional arborist.

When to Remove

If you spot fungi growing on the tree trunk, this can be an indication of internal rot. This can further damage it up to the point in which the tree can become a hazard.

If you notice too many dead branches (over a quarter of the total found in the crown) or if the tree trunk is damaged in a proportion larger than (again) a quarter it might be time to remove it. If the damage is not that serious there are chances that the tree will heal itself in time. Look for long cracks in the wood and older, larger wounds.

Another reason that would justify calling for an emergency tree removal service is any serious damage to the roots, caused by excavation. Without healthy roots the tree won’t survive for much longer and end up causing a lot of damage if a storm is under way.

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