A Guide to the Best Tree Pruning Procedures

Pruning is a normal practice carried out on plants so get the best tree service Fairfax VA has to offer. It acts as a preventive procedure and also for maintenance purposes allowing normal growth. Tree pruning removes the old and damaged branches that pose a risk around buildings or in the sidewalks. It also eliminates the diseased branches e.g. insect infested promoting health growth of trees. Indeed pruning removes multiple branches reducing overcrowding and promoting light penetration into the inside. Pruning serves security purposes allowing proper view at entry points .It is also meant for enhancing the desired shape and design in a tree.

Large trees should be pruned by qualified tree care professionals. They have the required knowledge and equipment’s for safety purposes. Before pruning consider the natural shape of tree for the best pruning method. Crown thinning is the most common method of pruning. It involves selectively removing branches on the crown. It mainly involves the weak or dead branches for increased air movements and light penetration .It promotes better form and production. Crown raising pruning involves removing the lower branches in a plant. It is ideal for young trees and allows better view in the streets and lawns. Crown reduction pruning removes the larger branches at the top of a tree for reduction of height when necessary.

The proper branch pruning is required to prevent infection to the whole tree. A branch should be cut ¼ inch above the bud to promote development of new branches. Large branches should be pruned with extra caution. A large branch should be cut several times to avoid tearing the bark. First cut the underside of the branch 18 inches away from the tree trunk. Cut halfway into the branch. Make the second cut on the upper side inches away from the first undercut. Cut the branch until it breaks free avoiding tearing the bark. Most of pruning wounds naturally heal with no treatments required.

The ideal pruning season is the late winter before spring starts .It is the best season as wounds are exposed for short period before new growth starts. It also allows maintaining the desired shape of the tree as new branches easily emerge. The proper timing prevents common diseases e.g. wilt diseases, fire blight and stem cankers. Also the proper pruning tools are required for the best pruning. They also make work easier e.g. hand saws, looping shears and small chain saws .they require regular cleaning and maintenance for increased performances. Pruning is essential for increased appearance and improvements at home.

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