Multi-colored Shoelaces: Always a Hit and Always Fun

Multi-colored and black shoelaces have always been associated with fun and fashion. Some of you might find that statement funny. And depending on the era you grew up in, some will know exactly what I mean! Multi-colored shoelaces have a history all of their own, and a ‘personality’ that makes them accepted in every fashion trend era.

You Know You Were an 80’s Kid If…You had a neon or multi-colored set of shoelaces to match every shoe! I remember having so many colored shoe laces when I was growing up, I had a drawer that was specifically dedicated to storing them. And you didn’t always wear matching laces at the same time. Let me explain for those of you who I might feel lost. You see, as 80’s kids we set our own trends. So, say for example you were wearing a multi-colored jumpsuit that had neon green and neon orange colors (yes, I actually did own one of those). You didn’t necessarily have to wear a pair of neon green laces, or a pair of neon orange laces. You could have one color on the left foot and the other on the right. Sometimes we even braided the laces and put them in together. So in this example you would have both colors on each foot of shoe, and when you stepped into that birthday party with your neon ensemble, you were a sure hit. That’s why I said earlier that multi-colored shoelaces were associated with fun memories. Because anyone who grew up in the 80’s ‘Kris Kross’ era remembers a fun time, whether it be a birthday party or another event where multi-colored neon laces were a part of their outfit.

Multi-colored Shoes Laces never go out of fashion. Not I know that’s a bold statement, but if you really think about it, it’s so true. One of the reasons why multi-colored shoelaces have never gone out of fashion, is that they are used for multiple purposes. They are used for their intended purpose: lacing shoes. However, they’ve also been used in little girls’ hairs to make bows and they’ve been involved in countless art and craft projects. Multi-colored laces have also been used over time as statements of personality.

So even though neon may not always be the trending colors, adding a little ‘personality’ or spunk with multi-colored laces (with whatever the ‘in’ colors are) has always been a fashion yes! In every era, multi-colored shoelaces totally rock!

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