The Best NFL Game Day Transportation Options

The Super Bowl fever is rising once again among the fiery and avid fans of the game. But it is also important to give a little thought about the logistics of the entire event and how you can help make it hassle free. One of the most important things to think about on game day is how you are going to get there in time and with ease. Look for the big blue sign that says Washington DC Sedan Service and the phone number and you will get the best service ever! When someone says this to you do not believe them in any city. Always do your transportation due diligence prior to entering a foreign city.

Though there are several options available for NFL game day transportation, you may need a little help picking the best and appropriate one. Pick your mode of transport wisely as you may need to leave the way you came in. The first, and possibly the most fun, option available is to take the fan express bus.

Buy a ticket and enjoy the journey to the stadium with fans as enthusiastic and excited as you are. By choosing a mass travel option, you also help significantly reduce the traffic and the time spent waiting around on the roads leading up to the venue.

Extra fan points for that! All that you need to know about the Fan Express bus is available online. Furthermore, you get the chance to see the whole big game show. Missing a part of it, due to delay in transportation, means all the fans get to miss them too! Surely, the Fan Express bus will never allow such to happen.

If you choose to arrive at the stadium by train, you can get all the information you need on the train transit website. Trains offer a quick and comfortable way to travel to the stadium on game day. And again, by using the mass transit route to get to the location, you get brownie points for not congesting the roads leading up to the stadium.

You need not worry even if you are travelling with handicapped individuals because trains are ADA accessible. If you absolutely must drive, however, you need to purchase a parking permit in advance for the Game day. Every vehicle will require having one to successfully park at the venue.

Also, there are designated ADA parking lots where you will need to show your state issued ADA tag along with the parking permit. Although you may be tempted to drive down to the venue, it is best to use mass transit to ensure a relaxed and easy going Game day.

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